“It’s easy to become lost in the crowd. Joining a small group makes it possible to discuss, share, pray and build those deep, long-lasting relationships.”

Joining a small group is the number one way to get connected at Christian Centre. We cannot do the Christian life on our own but must learn to trust other believers and allow them to know us and support us. It is through shared experiences that bonds are created and authentic, long-lasting friendships are born.

connect + learn + grow + belong

Wednesday on-site Groups

A number of small groups take place at Christian Centre as part of our Wednesday Mid-Week Gathering.
Note: Programs for children and youth are available during these on-site groups.

Bible Study Groups

These groups are of mixed age and gender. Each group studies and discusses a Biblical passage (or sometimes a Christian video series) and spends time connecting and supporting one another.

Parenting: The Early Years

When your kids are all grown up, how will they remember you? Discover 10 Biblical traits that will make you a better person and a better parent. Then begin to intentionally pass on these key traits on to your children.

Fitness Group

Looking to get some exercise? Let's do it together. Join our fitness group where you will be led by an instructor through a series of exercises, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This group is open to beginners as well as fitness pros!

Cooking Group

Do you enjoy cooking, or are you looking to learn? Then this group is for you! Each week this group will cook together, exchange recipes, and spend time with great friends.

Young Men’s Group

This is a group for young men who are looking to support one another as they study the Bible and grow in their faith.

Young Women’s Group

This is a weekly group for young women. Come together to discuss God's word, share, and journey through life together.

Regional Home Groups

Home groups take place at various times and locations throughout the week. These groups are great for people who live farther away from the church. We currently have four groups in three GTA locations.
Contact the office for details and directions.

Brampton: Mixed Group

Saturdays at 6pm
Contact our office for exact location

young marrieds

Saturdays at 5pm
Contact our office for exact location

Newmarket Area

Mondays at 7pm
Contact our office for exact location


Time: TBA

Young Adult + Campus Groups

While young adults are welcome to join any of the on-site (Wednesday) groups, there are a few specific groups available for this age (18-24 yrs).

Campus Group 1

This is a co-ed group that meets on the York campus to study the Bible and support one another.
Non-students (18-24 yrs) are welcome to join too!
Wednesdays @ 5:30-7pm
Contact our office for exact location

Campus Group 2

This is a co-ed group that meets on the York campus to study the Bible and support one another.
Non-students (18-24 yrs) are welcome to join too!
Fridays @ 2:30-4pm
Contact our office for exact location

Guys’ Basketball Group

This is a group where young men play basketball and study the Bible together.
Thursdays @ 8 - 10pm
Brookview Middle School
(beside the church)

Other weekly groups

How to Study the Bible

This group will teach you the structure and outline of the Bible, and how to properly interpret what you read in the scriptures.
Sundays at 9:30am
Contact the office to register for the next 6-week group.

Moms and Tots

This weekly program is for mothers with newborns and toddlers who are hoping to connect with other moms. Activities will include circle time and free play. This is a great place for children to learn social skills like sharing and team work, while moms relax and socialize together.

Seniors Fellowship

Seniors meet every other week at Christian Centre for snacks, a devotion and time with friends.
Every other Wednesday @ 10am
Contact the office for more details

Support Groups

We all have struggles and can learn to deal with them in a healthy way. This process provides an opportunity to take spiritual inventory of your life through self-examination in a safe environment. Consider taking a season to journey with a small group of men or women who are seeking emotional well-being and wholeness.
There are no support groups running at this time, but please ask about joining our next round of private groups.

12 Step Recovery + Support Groups + Counseling

“Sometimes you need to take a season to focus on yourself…this is a safe place where we can discover and overcome the things that are holding us back.”