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Project Impact

Think of all the change we can make together.

We can send a global worker to a people group who have never heard the gospel message. We can build a school, send medical supplies, or fund a feeding program. We can continue to give scholarships to students and provide youth counselling to those who cannot access it. We can create job and mentorship opportunities. We can provide emergency relief and practical needs within our community.

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2022 projects

1. MISSIONS // Goal: $ 10,000


1.1  Ukraine

Despite the many challenges facing Ukraine (war, poverty, high addiction rates) God is working to bring hope. This year we’re partnering with a church planting initiative based just outside the Eastern warzone. In addition to planting six churches in the surrounding region, this ministry also started an addiction recovery centre. The centre is home to several agricultural projects including four greenhouses, sheep, chickens, and potato fields. The vision is for this church planting movement to become completely self-sustaining by expanding their farming resources. Our funds will help them invest in a greenhouse heating system to allow for year-round production.


1.2  Jamaica

Building Me Up, a ministry started by our own Alecia Griffiths, aims to provide children in rural and economically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to mature spiritually, achieve their potential, excel and become leaders. Programs, summer camps, and free events are offered annually in various communities. Last year, Building Me Up provided tablets to distribute to children disadvantaged by Covid-19 and sent crates of food, clothing and educational resources to local churches and schools.


1.3  India

Millions of children in India suffer from discrimination, oppression, and terrible poverty, all for being born to low-caste families. Paul W has visited Christian Centre a number of times to report on his work among India’s most vulnerable children. He currently assists with the Evangelical Fellowship’s Children @ Risk outreach, in rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked low-caste and outcast children and young people. He also helps strengthen the church in restricted and difficult areas through providing resources and training in our PAOC affiliated Bible Schools.
India project

1.4 Middle East

We’re thrilled to support global workers who are pioneering in uncharted territory, reaching a people group who have no access to the gospel. Our giving will fund outreach initiatives (ie. community development projects, small businesses) that will open the door to new relationships among a poor, highly marginalized people group in a restricted access nation.

Middle east

2. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT // Goal: $ 10,000

ICO summer staff

2.1  Youth Employment (ICO)

Inner City Outreach is a non-profit started by Christian Centre with a mission to transform inner city communities through youth mentorship, education, and overall community development. For years, ICO has been providing 10-20 jobs per year for youth in our community. For many, this is their first paying job, providing valuable job experience and a source of income. For some, youth employment offers an alternative to gang affiliation and crime, by providing mentorship and financial compensation. A job with ICO allows young people to stay connected to the programs they grew up in while finding fulfillment in giving back to their community.
Student Scholarships

2.2  Student Scholarships

Christian Centre is committed to supporting our students in their pursuit of higher education and training. Covid-19 has presented a number of additional challenges as student struggle to find employment and the resources needed to access virtual learning. Our scholarship program was created to ease the financial burden for students in our community and to empower them to reach their goals. Each of our scholarship recipients have earned their award through service to their community and/or church. By empowering them, we are investing in a generation of leaders.
meet one of our award recipients

2.3  Counseling

Our society is facing a mental health crisis, which is particularly evident among our young people. This project aims to provide subsidized counselling for teens and young adults who face barriers to mental health services so they can access the support and care they need to heal and thrive.

3. COMMUNITY CARE // Goal: $ 30,000

3.1 daycare playground

GOAL: $20,000

It’s a big year for us as we celebrate the launch of Impact Childcare, our newly renovated community daycare centre! We plan to provide high quality, faith-based childcare and family enrichment services, a significant need in our neighbourhood. We’re excited to see how God uses this new venture to build relationships as we support families in the early years of development and parenthood. Funding raised will go toward the purchase of outdoor playground equipment for the children.

daycare playground

3.2 General needs

This emergency fund is used to aid those who find themselves in unexpected and urgent financial need. In the past, this fund has been used to pay for food, grocery cards, temporary housing, hearing aids, job training and more. Meeting practical needs shows the love of God and makes a spiritual impact.
Jen food

"We are so grateful for every single contribution towards Project Impact last year. Let's continue our efforts for 2022!"


Receipting information: Eligible donations will receive an official Canadian tax-deductible receipt, e-mailed annually. Please ensure we have your correct name, mailing and e-mail address. Information provided will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be sold or traded for any reason.

Restricted funds policy: Spending funds is confined to church approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards a church approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the management and the Board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.