Joining a small group is the number one way to get connected at Christian Centre. We cannot do the Christian life on our own but must learn to trust other believers and allow them to know us and support us. It is through shared experiences that bonds are created and authentic, long-lasting friendships are born. Our small groups meet every Wednesday evening as part of our Living Room Gathering.

Teaching + Discussion + Prayer + Friendship


6:45pm in the Fireside Room
Childcare and youth programs available

Young Marrieds

Offsite Group
Contact the office for details on this group for young married couples

“It’s easy to become lost in the crowd. Joining a small group makes it possible to discuss, share, pray and build those deep, long-lasting relationships.”

Support Groups

We all have issues and can learn to deal with them in a healthy way. This process provides an opportunity to take spiritual inventory of your life through self-examination in a safe environment. Consider taking a season to journey with a small group of men or women who are seeking emotional well-being and wholeness. Ask about joining a private support group.

12 Step Recovery + Support Groups + Counseling

“Sometimes you need to take a season to focus on yourself…this is a safe place where we can discover and overcome the things that are holding us back.”