"Classes have provided the structure and resources that I needed to grow in my knowledge of God."

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We offer a number of classes throughout the year. Classes may be provided multiple times depending on the level of interest in a given season. Sign up for your class of interest and we'll contact you when it becomes available.

CONNECT: Begin and Belong

This 2-week class will present our church’s mission, values, and beliefs. It will also explore spiritual gifts and ways to get more involved. Connect is the first step in our Membership process.


Our Membership class is four weeks long and includes important information for anyone considering making Christian Centre their home church. Topics include the benefits and expectations of membership, our views on financial commitment, doctrinal beliefs, new leadership opportunities, and more.

How to Study the Bible

This 6-week class will teach you the structure and outline of the Bible, and how to properly interpret what you read in the scriptures.

Essentials (Theology for Beginners)

Essentials 4-week class covers some of the most important theological beliefs. This class is great for those who want to go a little deeper in their understanding of Biblical concepts and theological ideas. Some topics include: the Nature of God (trinity), Justification by faith (salvation), Sanctification (cleansing from sin), Pentecostal distinctives (Baptism of the Spirit, Healing), and more.


No, this class does not teach you how to apologize! (hehe). Christian Apologetics is the practice of presenting logical arguments in defense of the Christian faith. In this 6-week class you will learn how to answer tough questions about Christianity, using reason and evidence.

One-on-One Discipleship Courses

Whether you're new to faith or have been a Christian your whole life, one-on-one discipleship will provide structure, accountability, and foundational learning that all Christians need. Each week you will receive bible readings, personal challenges, and learning resources on a variety of topics. Participants are paired with a mentor who supports through feedback and weekly phone calls (30-40 minutes)

Discipleship #1: Reaching UP, Reaching IN

This 10 week course encourages regular Bible reading, prayer and reflection on various topics such as your view of God, forgiveness, friendship, insecurity, overcoming sin, media + distraction, spiritual warfare, life priorities, compassion, and spiritual disciplines. Participants will also be challenged to encourage and bless others.

Discipleship #2: Reaching OUT

This 10 week course explores what it means to live missionally and practically challenges Christians to reach out to the people around us in ways that are simple and natural. Participants are also encouraged to join one of our short-term mission trips as part of the experience.