Standing In God – Olu Jegede


At this point, I actually began to drown. As I flailed my arms and fluttered my feet nothing happened. Instead of moving forward, I began to sink. Despite all my efforts and steely resolve, I began to succumb to the lake. Oh, how I wished I was standing on solid ground.

Having True Peace – Olu Jegede

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When the prophet Isaiah prophesied the birth of a messiah, one of his significant titles was Prince of Peace. Jesus is the true harbinger of peace, and with him is the surest guarantee of peace that can abide

How to Overcome a Shameful Past – Olu Jegede

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When most people think about great heroes of faith, they think of Abraham, Moses or Elijah. Granted, these were incredible beacons of faith and are worthy of discussion when considering faith examples. However, few people consider Rahab, who was also a hero of faith, and who is in fact mentioned in the company of the likes of Abraham.

Single and Available – Olu Jegede

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This is part 2 of a multi-part series on singleness.
Many are in a season of their life when they are available to pursue a relationship with whomever God has for them. They truly feel that God has prepared them, and they are patiently waiting on him for signs of the right person.

Single and Content – Olu Jegede

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This is part 2 of a multi-part series on singleness. The book of Ruth in the Bible is typically thought of as a love story – a picture of how God can restore a husband to a widowed woman, and give a wife to a deserving godly bachelor. Though true, this book also offers great truth for those in the singleness journey in their current season of life.

Fix The Couch – Jessie Knight

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I felt that God had put a beautiful vision in my heart…but I faced some unexpected obstacles and a few set-backs that really took the wind out of my sails and made me feel defeated. I began to see all the ways my plans were failing and the vision began to look unlikely to succeed.

Spiritual Warfare – Olu Jegede

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Our word today is quite encouraging because it focuses on being strong in situations where we may otherwise be weak. When we rest in God and rely on his word, we can be strong. This strength is some of God’s power made available to us so that we can call upon it for help in time of need.

Developing a Heart for God – Olu Jegede

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The truth is that God sees everything. And he especially sees the hearts of humanity. Indeed, his eyes are running to and fro, all over the earth to see who has a worthy heart so that they may come to him.

It’s Time To Pray – Olu Jegede

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Friends, we do need to pray, but primarily we need to be humble. Like the Ninevites, who were really broken up about their sin, we need to repent of our wicked ways.