Fear of Missing Out – Jessie Knight


Sometimes we see another person doing something that seems fun, or exciting, or novel, and all of a sudden our lives seem boring. We feel discontent. The fear of missing out can cause us to seek experiences. Sometimes good ones, but many times it causes us to seek experiences that aren’t helpful, or in line with God’s will.

Fear Not – Olu Jegede


All it took was for Peter to take his eyes off Christ, and focus on the problem at hand, the stormy waves, and then immediately he began to sink. In today’s environment, problems abound, yet God is telling us not to fear, but to believe (Luke 8:50).

Marriage on a Mission – Trevor December


What is marriage on a mission? It is when husbands and wives see their marriages as institutes where they can advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ. As married couples, we need to start seeing our marriages as unions that God has ordained to advance his kingdom.

Humility – Olu Jegede

Olu JegedeDevotional

Sometimes I wonder what differentiates us from non-believers, for we both seem capable of living without God’s help. However, during this crisis, we are being reminded that our hope and trust must be in God alone.

On The Bench – Olu Jegede

Olu JegedeDevotional

Maybe you’re in a season of life where you are not doing the things you thought you would be doing. Or you have been hurt by others, and their direct actions have put you on the bench. Now you find yourself waiting for something to happen, simply watching life pass you by. If that’s you, then Moses’ life can offer hope for you during this trying season.

Strength to Face the Season Ahead – Olu Jegede

Olu JegedeDevotional

Joshua had every reason to be afraid. He had just inherited the leadership of an entire nation and was tasked with transporting them to their ultimate destination in Canaan. Joshua was inexperienced and in way over his head. That’s why God commanded him to be strong.

Christ’s Death Brings Us Freedom – Olu Jegede

Olu JegedeDevotional

Paul asks a profound question to begin Romans 6. If we have been delivered from sin, how can we continue in it? Why do we continue in it?His answer to this question comes out over the next three chapters and so this devotion will be part of a mini-series on overcoming sin.

The Greatest Treasure – Jessie Knight

Jessie KnightDevotional

The Christian’s path is not always easy. In fact, it can require a great deal of sacrifice. Jesus calls us to a way of life that is defined by self-sacrificial love. We are asked to put others before ourselves. We are asked to pray for our enemies and forgive people who wrong us. We are called to be a generous and compassionate people who love when it is difficult to love. We follow a king who gave up everything for us. And we in turn must be willing to give up everything for him.

Standing In God – Olu Jegede


At this point, I actually began to drown. As I flailed my arms and fluttered my feet nothing happened. Instead of moving forward, I began to sink. Despite all my efforts and steely resolve, I began to succumb to the lake. Oh, how I wished I was standing on solid ground.