Our Vision

REACH (pronounced rēCH) verb or present participle: reaching 1. to stretch or extend so as to touch or meet 2. to communicate with 3. to grow, develop, or increase 4. to have an influence or effect

Our vision is to actively empower the body to reach up toward God, to reach in toward one another in authentic relationship, and to reach out toward those who are not yet connected to the family of God.

Reaching up

In an atmosphere of active pursuit and expectation, we desire to witness the supernatural power of the Spirit. Our vision is to facilitate spiritual experiences between God and his people and provide spaces where we can pray, worship, learn and experience his presence and movement together.

Reaching in

It is in community that we find authentic relationship, support and encouragement for the journey. Our vision is to see each member of the church empowered to minister and contribute to our spiritual family. We cannot do the Christian life on our own but must learn to trust and be there for one another.

Reaching out

God has placed our church in this community for a purpose – that we may see the lost and broken become an active part of the family of God. Our vision is to share the beautiful hope of the gospel as we resist darkness, bring justice and adopt as many into the family as possible.

Core values

We hold a supernatural worldview that not only accepts, but trusts in a power that is beyond this material world. We believe that God has sent his Holy Spirit to speak, guide, comfort, heal and powerfully reveal himself in our midst. It is by God’s power, and not our own, that we can live like Christ and experience His presence among us.
Our church is striving to be a family, where despite our differences we are bonded by something deeper than our own desires. In a healthy community, everyone ministers and contributes according to the gifts they have been given by the Holy Spirit. For this to happen we must learn to let each other into both the beauty and the brokenness of our lives.
We celebrate and welcome diversity. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of love where people are free to learn about Jesus and what it means to follow Him, without fear or judgement. We will make an intentional effort to get to know people who are different than we are and make them feel welcome and cared for. All people, regardless of race, gender, religion or lifestyle are loved by God and should feel safe to be around his people and to explore his church.

We believe in the sharing of power and desire to give voice and opportunity to God’s people. We are passionately committed to raising up and developing leaders from within our congregation and community, including those who are traditionally excluded due to race, gender or social status.
We value humility and authenticity. We are not interested in hype, performance, or fancy decor, but instead desire to be down to earth and approachable people who love God and sacrifice for the sake of others. We seek first the kingdom of God, and will not chase the success and riches of this world at the expense of our kingdom values.  
While we desire to impact our city, region and world, we are focused on and committed to our local geographical community. This is reflected in how we prioritize our outreach efforts, partnerships and stylistic methods. We are the local church, placed by God in this specific location to love and serve our unique neighbourhood.