Marriage on a Mission – Trevor December


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What is marriage on a mission?

It is when husbands and wives see their marriages as institutes where they can advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  As married couples, we need to start seeing our marriages as unions that God has ordained to advance his kingdom.

In Acts 18:1-3, 24-26 we are introduced to a wonderful couple named Priscilla and Aquila.  We are told that they were living in Rome when a massive deportation of the Jews was ordered by Claudius Caesar.  This couple found themselves in Corinth where they worked as tent makers. Coincidentally, the apostle Paul left Athens and went to Corinth where he met this couple.

Priscilla and Aquila opened their home to the apostle Paul so he could have a place to stay as he continued his ministry to the Gentile people.  Not only did he live with this couple, but he worked with them as tent makers.

Priscilla and Aquila gave us a great example of what marriage on a mission looks like.  The first thing we see with Priscilla and Aquila is the gift of hospitality. This couple opened their home for the apostle Paul to live with them as he fulfilled his calling.  They were committed to meeting the needs of Paul in a practical way, providing him with food, shelter and a job. The second thing we see with this marriage on mission is their willingness to be ministry partners with Paul. 

  Priscilla and Aquila used their marriage as a tool to pour the love of Jesus Christ into others.

The third thing we see with this marriage on mission is that they are well versed in (what is now) scripture.  Later in Acts 18, in the city of Ephesus, we see a dynamic preacher named Apollos who was preaching about Jesus Christ.  When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their house to explain to him the way of God more adequately.

Priscilla and Aquila challenge us to be on mission in our marriages so that we can make a lasting impact on others.  They teach us that married couples can have an impactful ministry if they see their marriage as being on the mission field. 

Priscilla and Aquila teach us that we can use our home as a tool for evangelism.  They show us what God could do through our homes if we would make it a place for God’s people to meet for prayer, bible studies, fellowship and other gatherings. 


  1. Is your marriage on mission for Jesus Christ?
  2. What are some things you can start doing in your marriage that would advance the kingdom of God?
  3. How can you use your home to be a place for evangelism?

– Pastor Trevor December