Dec 17 Advent Devotion: Waiting for the King

Olu JegedeDevotional

Luke 3:15-20
15 The people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Messiah……

Christmas is a time of expectation, longing and anticipation for many. I remember as a child, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Christmas. Summer break of course was very exciting, and so was back to school week. At least for the first few days, where I got to catch up with my friends.

However there was nothing as exciting as Christmas after that initial school period. I would wonder what Christmas would bring me that year, of course I dreamt about the latest toy, or technological advancement as a big fulfillment of my Christmas expectation. My parents would have purchased my gift well before Christmas, and they would carefully hide it, increasing my expectation. As the weeks rolled by, tt seemed like eternity before Christmas Eve finally rolled around.

Then, Christmas Eve finally came. I knew it was only a matter of hours where my expectation would be fulfilled. What I had been anticipating for almost half the year was about to come true. Our family rule was we were allowed to open the present Christmas morning, so we would get up at the crack of dawn, and steal under the tree, to open our presents. Sure enough, we were not to be disappointed. Though the presents didn’t always fit my exact fantasy I was never disappointed.

Child like expectation for the joys of Christmas is but a mere glimpse of the expectation that the Jews had of the Messiah just prior to the birth of Christ. They longed for the day when Messiah would come, salvation would be theirs, and everything would be made right. You can imagine the expectation that they possessed, as they waited- month after month, year after year, decade after decade for Him to come.

The good news for us as believers is that Messiah indeed has come. The Messiah, Jesus Christ was born over 2000 years ago. Though he didn’t come to physically save the Jews from the oppression of Rome, and restore Israel. He came to save the world from sin and eternal death.

Though Messiah has come, we can still approach Christmas expectantly. Of course we understand that Christmas day is not the literal day Jesus Christ was born, its just symbolic. Yet we can celebrate His first coming, but better yet, anticipate His return. His first coming was quiet, and unassuming though eternally powerful. The second would be quite apparent, for we are told that every eye will see Him, and that He is coming to physically vanquish His foes, and take control of the world. Surely this kind of promise of the future is worth the intense expectation that deserves the coming of our king, Messiah Jesus.

– Pastor Olu Jegede