Have no fear!

Olu Jegede Devotional, Faith

These were the words of the prophet to his servant, in the midst of sure devastation and death. The armies of Aram (Damascus) had surrounded Elisha and his servant. Their crime. Hearing accurately from God and relaying intelligence information to the king of Israel.

Thus a whole army descended on two unarmed individuals. This situation was far worse than that of Elijah and Jezebel. Where Elijah fleeing from Jezebel’s threat, ended up in the wilderness in utter despair, hunger and frustration.

Fear is real. I repeat, fear is very real. Recession fears are real. Fear of economic collapse is bona fide. Fear of marriage or relationship failure abounds. Fear of personal failure plagues people, and limits their divine potential.

Elisha responded to fear in an unusual way. Elijah fled, while Elisha looked at the situation differently. Do you look at things in the natural, or can you see with the eyes of faith? Elisha’s servant was astounded, as his spiritual eyes were open to see reality. What is reality? I heard a definition once that reality is the highest form of truth. Facts are true, but God’s truth is in a sense higher than facts. God’s word is true reality. Thus, while it was true that the prophets were outnumbered, the real truth was revealed. In fact, God’s army was greater. The servant was startled to see the hills surrounding them full of a heavenly army. Men, horses, chariots of fire loomed larger than life in comparison with the now puny-seeming Aramian army.

Have you ever thought of looking at things differently? I know the facts are real. Your life, job, career, family, health, burdens, pains, are all real. But maybe God wants you to pray the Elisha prayer today. “O Lord open my eyes that I may see [reality]”. Let the reality of God’s word dispel the fear arising from current situations in your life. Find out what God’s word says. Pray, meditate, and fast about his word get another vision of your circumstances, seeing what God sees about things. Then stand boldly and be encouraged that those who are with you are more than those who are with them.

– Pastor Olu Jegede