Spiritual Maturity in Us

Olu Jegede Devotional

This morning I read about contending for spiritual maturity in others. Paul speaks about this in the last verse of Colossians 1. As I cross referenced this verse in other translations, a picture of someone agonizingly, working tirelessly, enthused by divine passion comes to mind. These word pictures evidently show that Paul entirely spent himself on these disciples. It seems that he was committed to the end. The end of course was their full maturity in Christ as per Colossians 1:28a.
As I pondered on this I began to ask myself do I have this attitude? Am I contending with agony for my brothers and sisters, particularly those who are in leadership over others? In practical terms, do I pray for them with all my heart? And if so, is it continually? After all, Paul says to pray without ceasing. Or am I casual, callous, apathetic or complacent about the way that I seek God for them.

Personally, I believe I am somewhere in between. Recently I spent a few days agonizing over a believer, in that regard I would be like Paul. Many other times though I would have to admit I am casual in my prayers. Whilst still praying for people, I may be emotionally disengaged or lacking the agonizing of heart that the Spirit births. At other times I may be even callous, passing the buck off to God, after all these are his sheep any way.

Thus, this word speaks definitely to me, but I know as a fellow believer, it must to you as well. At least those of you who are mature in Christ, and desire to see growth in those you are mentoring. Can I challenge you to do what I have done? Assess your heart to see where it lies. If it needs adjustment then do just that. Simply repent and reposition your heart. Then commit a consistent time to seek God for those he has entrusted to your hands. Remember Paul worked tirelessly for many years, so it won’t happen overnight for you. But remain consistent, until the job is done. And like Paul you may present them in full maturity unto Christ.

– Pastor Olu Jegede