God’s Cure for Depression

Olu Jegede Devotional, Faith

“But I trust in your unfailing love. My heart rejoices in your salvation.” Psalms 13:5

These were the words of the psalmist as he goes through the dark night of the soul. Reading Psalms 13, you get the idea that this person is going through a situation that is irreparable. They have cried out to God to no avail. In fact it seems God does not hear, and has completely forsaken them.

Having sought God, the psalmist is now left to his own demise. His thoughts bleak and dark become suicidal and represent the depravity of soul that persists. What is he going to do?

To make matters worse, the enemy awaits that imminent moment when his destruction his complete. Though still alive and well, as far as the author was concerned it was only a matter of time before the vultures came and picked up the pieces. Surely he was done for.

Then all of a sudden a bright light shines in the horizon. We see in verse 5, the first word “But” (NIV) that changes everything. A moment earlier he was destined to the tombs, now he is about to experience unprecedented joy. The only difference now is a resounding “but.” This one word can connect your past failures with future successes. It could link devastation with destiny, and disappointments with promises. Somehow, God’s abiding goodness is able to pierce through the veil of shadows that surrounded our psalmist. He is reminded of God’s love. Think about that for a moment: God loves you. He loves me. His heart beats with care and concern for his beloved ones. Somehow in the mix of things, the author had forgotten. But then, all of a sudden he is reminded. Not needing to know more, and not being assured of specifics as to his deliverance. Just the simplicity of the knowledge of God’s love is enough to produce hope.

Hope leads to joy, and thus he rejoices in God’s salvation. Now he is more assured that God will in face save him. It is only a matter of time now. After all God does not always show how, but when he promises, we can be rest assured it will come to pass. With this in mind the psalmist begins to sing “the Lord has been good to me”

My prayer this morning is that may this be your story. Let your depression be circumvented by a clear remembrance of God’s goodness. Remember he loves you. Begin to recount the things he has said about you (particularly in his word), and I know like the psalmist your heart will be filled with joy and soon, and very soon, songs will burst forth from you, ushering you into God’s blessed deliverance.

– Pastor Olu Jegede