Am I in the place of God?

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Share this Post Cursed is he who trusts in the arm of flesh, Jeremiah lets us know, and further goes on to say blessed is he who trusts in the Lord. As I begin this … Read More

Being a good neighbour

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Share this Post Sometimes its really hard to interact with our neighbours . This is primarily the case in the west due to our hectic work demands, overloaded family schedules, and so forth. Yet Christ … Read More

If it feels good…

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Share this Post There is a popular saying today…if it feels good then do it? This is a mark of the hedonistic age that we live in where pleasure is king, especially in the western … Read More

Suffering lightly

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Share this Post When it comes to suffering and the goodness of God, I really am not an expert. I have been privileged to live in a country with one of the highest standards of … Read More


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Share this Post I was in my mid 20s when I attended a retreat organized by our church, along with a bunch of other people my age. At this retreat something significant happened pertaining to … Read More

The Greatest Treasure

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Share this Post When I was around eight or nine years old my grandfather had a yard sale. The night before the sale, my siblings and I were scoping out all the items that would … Read More

Treasure Hunt

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Share this Post At Easter time my children looked forward to the Monday holiday. With Friday being good Friday, and Monday a government holiday, it’s an extra long weekend for the kids, and the Monday … Read More

Built to last

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Share this Post In Apostle Paul’s theology there is a line of thought that we as believers will be judged one day, when we meet God, and give account of how we lived our lives … Read More

Foolish Wisdom

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Share this Post It sounds kinda like a cop out to say one can’t figure out. After God is all powerful and all knowing, thus human beings being quite inferior, should fear him, and let … Read More

Christ and Politics

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Share this Post Bipartisanship is a word that has come on the fore front in recent times in the western democracy political sphere. Typically self seeking political parties tout bipartisanship as a gesture towards working … Read More